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A results-driven, customer-focused, and analytical Software Engineer who can think “out of the box”. Strong in application and database design and integration problem solving skills in web based environments.

Experienced in LAMP and J2EE web application design, development and operations, database analysis and design. Skilled in identifying and documenting business requirements, user documentation, and integration with third party systems and applications with strong written and verbal communications. Has worked with OOP both in PHP and Java, Zend Framework, MySQL, and Spring Framework.

Fan of Re-factoring and Patterns of Enterprise Architecture by Martin Fowler, Agile manifesto and practices by Scott Ambler, Simplified Java/Application Design by Rod Johnson focusing on POJOs (Plain Old Java Objects).

Intrigued by modular architecture of Symfony 2, worried about ORMs but is loving the Doctrine2 Data Mapper, inspired by shark and pirranah focus of Oracle Corp, uses the glue by Zend Framework and Apache Commons, reads the Design Patterns from the Gang of Four like a bible.

I love data, learning about what it means, designing it, cleaning it up, modelling it, extracting it from one source, transforming it and loading it into another ...

I enjoy looking for bad smells in code and database designs learning new ways to solve old problems in the process.